A quick congrats to the 4 Certified
PESL Instructors who have added their
profiles and contact info to the ILP Directory
this year.

They each have great profile photos, directory
listings that lead to informative websites, and
a clearly-marked path to that all-important
first step: the free screening.

Like all new directory listings, they each currently
hold a spot on ILP’s home page, giving them a little
extra SEO (search engine optimization) boost to
help make it easier for more potential clients to
connect with them.

All recently-added directory listings appear on the
home page while they are the top 5 most recently
added listings.

I love being able to promote and highlight
these instructors for taking decisive action to propel
their businesses, and in the spirit of healthy,
motivating competition, I’d love to see you move
them down off the list!!!

Take a look at each new listing to see how these
trainers approach business with their own unique
style. Get motivated, and get moving on your own

Here’s to a ’16 that’s extra sweet.



4 Replies to “What a site! Put your services in the spotlight.”

  1. Hi Joe,

    I have a newly revised & updated website. Worked hard on it, but love the end product. I now have a brand, logo and tagline! Would you consider featuring my company again?
    Thanks much & take care ~ Jean Blond

  2. The featured sites shown on our home page are a welcome-bonus for newly listed trainers in the directory, but you can mention your site right here in your reply and give everyone a nudge in. Tell us the address for your site, Jean.

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