“As long as you are hanging around amateurs, you will think like an amateur, and you will not improve your skills.”

John C. Maxwell
author, Thinking For A Change (and many other great books on leadership)

AccentLink is ILP’s networking, information and referral hub for accent trainers using the Compton PESL method.

There are two levels of access:

Basic (Free)

 and Pro.


Sign up below for access to AccentLink Basic: our communication chain with all who have an interest in anything related to PESL accent modification.

After signing up, you’ll begin receiving occasional email updates on training events, website updates, news, and resources relevant to the world of accent and pronunciation instruction.

You’ll also receive a copy of the e-book: Becoming an Accent Modification Instructor – The ILP Approach, written by ILP Training Director Joe Comeau with a foreword by Dr. Arthur J. Compton

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AccentLink Pro is an option for any professional who has already earned PESL Certified Trainer status. You can earn your certification in one of two ways:

AccentLink Pro is an optional paid membership option available only to individuals who have completed the PESL Certification training.

In addition to being part of the AccentLink communication chain, AccentLink Pro members receive:

  • the option to create a directory listing and business profile page in the ILP Trainer Directory, containing photos, company or business bio and contact info to be seen by any individual searching the web for local and web-based trainers;
  • access to exclusive online content including a growing collection of worksheets, forms, articles, videos, audio recordings, and web-based resources all relevant to the successful delivery of accent modification training services. Customize all of the workshop and client forms to match your business motif;
  • discounts on client training kits and other instructional items;
  • discounted registration for refresher attendance at future PESL workshops.

AccentLink Pro membership is included in all e-Learning access options (ILP Academy membership).

If you are considering signing up for one of the ILP Academy eLearning options, don’t pay for AccentLink Pro. It’s included with all ILP Academy memberships!

Every ILP Academy membership includes one year of AccentLink Pro benefits.

(Please read the ILP Academy membership details to learn more about our ILP Academy online courses.)

AccentLink Pro memberships on their own do not include ILP Academy (e-Learning) access.



If you’ve completed the PESL Certification training, here’s your opportunity to break away from the pack and fortify your commitment to becoming a successful professional in  this exciting field. Secure your access to these benefits now.

Only individuals who have completed a Compton P-ESL certification training are eligible to subscribe at the Pro level. AccentLink Pro payments received from non-certified individuals will be refunded minus a $15 cancellation fee, so please be certain you have earned P-ESL certification status before placing your order.

Certified PESL Instructors may join AccentLink Pro using one of the options below.


1-Year AccentLink Pro Membership ($50)
2-Year AccentLink Pro Membership ($80)