The ILP technical designers just released information about new, easier access points to the Client Practice Lab and the Teacher Playback site.

Up until now, the only way to easily get into the Practice Lab was via, which is designed with PESL instructors interests in mind. Sending your client’s there is a little like asking guests to enter the ballroom through the kitchen, so I’m very pleased to announce to you a more refined and convenient way to guide your client’s into the ballroom….

The Client Practice Lab can be accessed by instructors and clients at:

Remember – Chrome is the browser you and your clients should be using for the Practice Lab, whether on a Mac or PC. If you’re not already using Chrome for PESL work, you can get it at

If you have your own web site, you can create a link to the Practice Lab from your site.

The Teacher Playback Site, where instructors can listen to recordings submitted by their practicing clients, can be accessed by instructors at You’ll need an approved teacher’s email address and password to gain access. In other words, you’ll only have access to this once you have a paying client who is using the Practice Lab. This site was previously accessed through email notifications generated after client activity in the Practice Lab.

The Teacher Playback site is one of the premium features of the Client Practice Lab that has been in beta development for a couple of years. The site designers have been working very hard at making these online tools as useful and valuable as they can using cutting-edge web design and programming skills to manage the recording, playback, storage and logging of client recordings. Last month, PESL students submitted a total of 44,054 recordings! This month the recording tally has just reached 19,000, and we are only half-way through the month. That’s a great deal of practice and improvement going on out there!

Start using the links above today. Bookmark them. Share the Practice Lab link with clients. These little steps go a long way in streamlining and packaging your services with more value for your clients.

All the best,

Joe Comeau

ILP Training Director


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  1. I am about to embark on Saturday, Nov. 19 on the online course with a new student (in person at my office). I administered the test to her in person and took notes by hand. But I seem to have missed instructions about how to provide the student with her personal speech assessment (Table 2). Also, are there instructions to the student for each session in the online program regarding how to practice, or is that only covered in the YouTube video?

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