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What is ILP Academy?

ILP Academy is the collection of training courses and resources that make it possible to complete the certification training needed to use the PESL Accent Modification Method with your clients.

It is web-based hub of activity and resources for all things related to the art, science and business of accent modification using the PESL method. Whether you’re new to this niche or you’ve been serving clients for a decade or more, you’ll find classes and content here that will help you further develop your skills and services.

The core content is presented in a series of web-based courses – classes you complete on your own and at your own pace. Some of these courses are based on the content of live workshops presented by the ILP, but these are not recordings or transcripts of our workshops. These are carefully designed, thorough and expansive web-based courses presented in a combination of audio, video and text. While the face-to-face dynamics of a live workshop cannot be easily replicated in a web-based courses, the courses in ILP Academy make up for this with a much broader and expanded scope of information. In other words, there’s much more content, and virtually no time constraint. (You’ll have access to the course content for an entire year.)

You’ll receive the same materials or their digital equivalents. Courses may require a completion exam to qualify for ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs). You’ll work completely on your own and at your own pace.