Live workshops are not being offered at this time. 

Our most recent workshops were held in 2019, in Chicago, IL and Orlando, FL.

Live workshops may be scheduled after public gathering restrictions in the U.S. are lifted, if the demand for them creates the opportunity. Truthfully, our online courses have always been a better value in terms of the amount of content, the time you have to access, absorb and process the material, and cost. The information below applies only to the live workshop registration process, and is here for reference purposes.

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Cash, checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard and American Express will be accepted at the event, but unannounced walk-ins cannot be guaranteed seating or workshop materials. Register early. Our events do reach maximum capacity.

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Everything You Need to Know About Our Certification Workshops

The PESL Certification Workshop teaches a proven method of accent modification techniques and pronunciation improvement for non-native and regional American English speakers. It is a highly-structured, evidence-based approach. Participants will learn how to independently offer instructional programs that generate income and strengthen the communication skills and confidence of their clients.

Based on over 20 years of research conducted by Dr. Arthur J. Compton, involving hundreds of accented speakers, the PESL method has become a foundational approach and program for accent modification instructors around the world.

The PESL Accent Modification Method gives individuals an opportunity to learn and use improved American English pronunciation. Clinical studies concluded that all who complete the training program demonstrate improvement and increased accuracy of sentence=length/reading-level English pronunciation measuring 50% or more, with the majority of students demonstrating 60-80% improvement levels.

Our ASHA-approved workshops are conducted in major cities across the United States. Participants will find the PESL certification workshop comprehensive and intensive. Using specialized materials and an interactive approach, workshop participants learn the techniques for:

  • evaluating a client’s speech,
  • interpreting the results of a client’s speech analysis, and
  • developing and implementing a customized program based on analysis results.

You’ll leave the training with all of the tools and resources necessary for adding accent modification instruction to your set of deliverable training skills, including:

  • testing materials and scoring booklets for your first 3 clients,
  • a step-by-step approach covering initial assessment to measurable results,
  • a complete copy of the client/student PESL workbook, and
  • your new credentialed status and certificate declaring you a Certified PESL Instructor.

PESL = Pronouncing English as a Second Language

Learning Objectives

As a result of the program, you will confidently be able to use the PESL accent modification method and materials with your own clients to:

  • systematically analyze the accented features of non-American English pronunciation patterns
  • interpret the results of a client’s speech analysis and develop personalized training programs based on analysis results
  • understand the difference between clinical and non-clinical factors affecting the intelligibility and  accuracy of accented pronunciation
  • create optimal teaching environments for individuals and small groups, even if participants are from different language backgrounds
  • organize and conduct structured and evidence-based training programs resulting in clearer, more accurate and easier-to-understand pronunciation of American English
  • access web-based assessment, training and marketing resources which are exclusive to the PESL method and certified PESL instructors
  • teach  specific techniques for greater speech intelligibility in social, conversational and business settings 
  • market and promote consultative training services as being offered by a Certified PESL Instructor

Each workshop participant receives:

  • 1 Compton Screening Assessment of Foreign Accent with 3 screening analysis booklets
  • 2 Phonological Assessment of Foreign Accent (PAFA) scoring books
  • 1 PESL Stimulus Word book
  • The PESL Instructor Manual
  • The PESL Client Workbook
  • eligibility to use PESL client kits, web-based screenings, assessments and practice programs
  • eligibility to join AccentLink Pro (ILPs referral and support network) which includes discounts on teaching products and the option to list your services in our worldwide Trainer Directory (discounts offered at workshops)



Day One

Doors open for Registration at 8:30  AM.

Class begins at 9:00 AM and ends no later than 4:30 PM.

Day 1 focuses on the assessment process, tools and methods.

  • The Role of the SLP* in Accent and Pronunciation Instruction
  • Digital Recording – Tools of the Trade
  • Transcribing Accented American English Speech using the IPA
  • Interviewing, screening, and evaluating clients using The Compton Phonological Assessment of Foreign Accent
  • ~75-minute lunch break
  • The PESL Online Assessment demonstration
  • Interpreting/analyzing evaluation results and creating customized courses
  • Delivery and technique: how a Compton PESL instructor teaches new patterns

Day Two

Doors open at 8:30 AM.

Class begins at 9:00 AM and ends no later than 4:30 PM.

On Day 2, the focus shifts to direct teaching methods, client practice and exercises, and developing your business.

  • Quick review of the Assessment procedures covered in Day 1
  • Real-time Instructor-Client Demonstration
  • Client Practice Options
  • Conducting structured training courses for individuals and groups: a walk-through of each session in a typical client course
  • It’s Not Just “Repeat After Me”… Voice Projection and Complete Word Production Strategies
  • Improving Accuracy through Reading, Conversation and Spontaneous Speech Activities
  • The Follow-up Evaluation: Providing Measurable Results
  • ~75-minute lunch break
  • Getting Down to Business: real steps to creating a business around your skills
  • Formal and Informal Business Structure Options
  • Basic Marketing Strategies: Proven Strategies for Generating Revenue
  • The Goal-Setting Mini Workshop

Your Instructor:

Joe Comeau graduated from St. John’s University in Jamaica, NY, with a B.S. in Communication Arts, and continued his education with a degree in Communication Disorders from The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY. Joe was awarded the Certificate of Clinical Competence from ASHA in 1998 and is a licensed speech pathologist in North Carolina.

Joe has delivered hundreds of professional training and consultative services to corporate and individual clients throughout the United States. He has been certified by ASHA to provide continuing education since 2008. He enjoys using the results of his practice-building, networking, and marketing techniques as a guide in instructing other speech professionals desiring growth and success in their endeavors.

Disclosure Statement

Financial: Mr. Comeau is compensated financially by the Institute of Language & Phonology for his role as presenter, course organizer and Training Director.
Non-financial: No relevant non-financial relationships exist that may impact the delivery or content of this course.

Although the primary focus of this presentation is the PESL Accent Modification Method, limited information on other similar or related methods and materials may be included. Instructional methods for related products or services will not be provided.

Registration Fees & Options

  • Full Payment/Standard Registration: $520
  • Deposit: Pay $260 now, $260 upon arrival
  • Group Discount: $425 per person. 2 or more individuals attending the same event on the same date. (Purchase tickets individually, attend together)
  • Student: $340. Use this option if you are currently enrolled in a Communication Disorders program. Please bring Student I.D.)
  • ILP Grad: $275. Use this option if you have already completed the PESL Certification Workshop at least one year ago. (This registration option includes an updated Trainer’s Manual, but not new testing materials or scoring books.)
  • AccentLink Pro Member: $275. Use this option only if you are repeating the workshop and you are currently an AccentLink Pro member. (This option may not be used by first-time workshop attendees. This registration type is a courtesy discount for current AccentLink Pro members who have attended a workshop in the past, or became an AccentLink Pro member by completing an online course. Existing PESL instructors may purchase or renew their AccentLink Pro membership first to take advantage of this discount.)
  • Free Refresher: Free! Use this option if you’d like to attend your second PESL certification workshop in under one calendar year (365 days). Free Refresher registrants should bring their original set of workshop materials. Registration is required; walk-ins cannot be guaranteed admittance.

Tickets may not be transferred to another attendee or another ticket type upon arrival. Transfers and substitutions require 48 hour notice to

Refund requests will be honored up to 10 calendar days before the workshop date.

Workshop attendees are encouraged to have at least three years of academic or professional experience in the fields of speech pathology, linguistics, voice or ESL instruction.

Event Cancellation

Our workshop events have ranged from 4 to 40+ attendees. But the Institute reserves the right to cancel a workshop if there are an insufficient number of registrants. In the unlikely event of an event cancellation, registrants will be notified as early as possible (typically one week prior) and all tuition will be fully refunded. No other expenses incurred by registrants will be reimbursed. Online Course or future workshop substitutions may be offered in these cases, but please use care when booking non-refundable travel expenses as the Institute does not reimburse any expenses you may incur other than your tuition in the event of a cancellation. If a workshop must be cancelled due to severe weather or other uncontrollable conditions, ILP will not be obliged to reimburse registrants for any expenses beyond the registration fee.

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Profitable, Marketable Skills

  • You will gain all of the information and tools needed to immediately start working with clients on accent modification training. The confidence levels and rapport-building skills that are common among active instructors come with experience, but many workshop participants leave the workshop feeling new levels of assurance, motivation and readiness which propel them toward engaging new clients.
  • Complete this 2-day training, and you’ll be ready to work with your new clients.

ASHE CE Provider Block

This course is offered for 1.3 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level, Professional Area).

The PESL method and workshop were designed by speech-language pathologists. The workshop includes references to terminology and methodology frequently used by speech-language pathologists. PESL workshops are, however, open to and attended by graduate students in speech pathology programs (see our discounted registration rates), ESL instructors, linguists, voice teachers and coaches, drama instructors, and professionals who typically have at least 3 years experience with students or clients in these or related fields.


ILP does not maintain any third-party financial relationships which may affect the planning, delivery or evaluation of any of our continuing education courses.

Comments from Workshop Attendees

I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar…so informative and given in such a way that it was easy for everyone to understand. You kept us engaged and interested throughout.  Thank you for all of the valuable information you have given to me; I am very excited to get started! This will be life changing for me I am sure and I am so very grateful!

Rania Morsy

2016 Workshop Participant – Chicago, IL

Thank you for a very informative and worthwhile conference.

Sheila Taylor-Michael

2014 Workshop Participant – Raleigh, NC

Last week’s training was insightful and exquisite! I feel that I have a new avenue of adventures to try with PESL rather than staying in the school setting (of course I won’t leave the school setting until I feel that I am really ready to go out on a limb). I have reviewed all the information that you provided last week and I can’t put into words how anxious and eager I feel about this new world of accent modification! Thank you so much for the knowledge that you shared last week!!!!

Adrienne Lark

2013 Workshop Participant – Charlotte, NC

I walked away realizing that I have a lot to do, but also that this is within my reach. It was a ticket to a whole new world of possibilities!!!

Monica Seifried

2013 Workshop Participant – Jacksonville, FL

Thanks again for the course- I really enjoyed it! The course was so fun and truly fascinating!

Iomi Patten

2013 Worskshop Participant – Los Angeles, CA

I want to thank you for everything you provided in the recent workshop and for your e mails and all the extra support. You have really gone the extra mile in providing information that is extremely helpful. I was hoping to leave the workshop feeling confident and well-equipped to get my new business ready and start getting clients, and I definitely do. Actually the whole workshop was fantastic – it was inspiring, informative and interesting. You were concise and articulate and had a great rapport with the participants. It was overall one of the best workshops/seminars/talks I’ve been to, and I’ve been to many. Thanks so much for everything.

Christine Olson

2012 Workshop Participant – San Francisco, CA

Thank you so much for a very informative presentation.  I enjoyed the transcription practice and the demonstrations of the Compton PESL method.   The business portion was very informative as well especially the webinar information… This has given me more confidence in pursuing webinars for accent modification.

Marcia Campagna

2012 Workshop Participant – Atlanta, GA

I just finished PESL with a client from the Sudan. His reading performance went from 76 errors at evaluation to 7 after 13 sessions, and his spontaneous speech now has 50% less errors.

Thanks for this great training!

Karen Wicklund

2011 Workshop Participant – Chicago, IL

Since February I have already begun to work with my first client, registered an LLC, hired a web designer, and turned in my notice at my current job in a SNF with plans to be in business as an accent instructor by June. Very excited about the program.

Amy Schiwitz

2011 Workshop Participant

I got my first accent reduction client and an amazing place to rent (cheaply) for my sessions all in the same week!!  You have given me the confidence and knowledge base to begin this work which is truly my passion.

Elizabeth Schwartz

2011 Workshop Participant – Long Island City, NY

That one workshop propelled me to start my own small business and has enabled me to travel the world.

Crystal Keet

2011 Workshop Participant – Atlanta, GA

Just wanted you to know that I finally have a client and some $$$ coming in – Yeaaaaaaah! I had a tooth fixed and recruited my dentist, a gal from Peru – I did the 1st 3 lessons pro bono but am now on lesson 7 and the big bucks are rolling in I teach right here on my boat. The best news is that I just love the teaching and am very good at it (thanks to you Joe). I’ll keep you posted as things get going.

Fondly, Jeannie Martineau

2010 Workshop Participant – Santa Monica, CA

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