The Institute of Language & Phonology is very proud to present a special course designed for trainers who would like to master the skills and techniques of web-based training and consulting, and get certified in one day.

PESL 2.0 – Web-Based Assessment & Instruction

Learn how to do everything digitally – the entire PESL Assessment and Teaching process, using web-based tools designed exclusively for the P-ESL method, and a variety of third-party web-conferencing platforms (which are typically free).

This is a live, face-to-face (in-person attendance) workshop, but it works on the assumption that each participant will deliver PESL instructional services to their clients exclusively via Web-based tools designed exclusively for the PESL Accent Modification method. You’ll leave with all the knowledge and training you need to use the PESL method with any client, but our focus will be strictly digital.

In other words, the traditional paper-based assessments and reports will not be addressed. Everyone in attendance will complete this workshop knowing how to deliver an entire PESL program from start to finish, including initial assessment, personalized training agenda creation, delivery of weekly sessions using various web-conferencing platforms, and final assessment, all online.

These online assessment and teaching tools can be used in a variety of training arrangements, whether face-to-face with local clients or screen-to-screen with clients anywhere in the world. The convenience and time-saving features of the numerous tools you’ll learn to master at this workshop make web-based service delivery an easy and exciting option.

-> Check the schedule of live training events here.

Learning Objectives

Participants will learn how to conduct comprehensive accent and pronunciation training programs for accented speakers of American English exclusively via the Internet using the P-ESL Online Assessment and PESL Online Practice Lab.


9:00 – Introduction, Preparation and Overview

9:15 – Doing It All Online: Client Recordings. Transcription, Analysis and Reports

10:00 – Group Assessments Reports

10:30 – Break

10:45 – Sharing Reports and Files with Clients

11:00 – The PESL Teaching Method – A Structured Approach to Teaching Pronunciation

12:00 – Lunch (On Your Own)

1:00 – How To Conduct Your First Session (including Client Orientation, Agenda Review, Target #1, and Homework Assignments)

1:30 – Introduction to Web-conferencing and Teleclass Platforms with Live Demonstrations

2:30 – Break

2:45 – Conducting Follow-up Assessments and Generating Client Progress Reports

3:00 – How to Deliver Your Training in a Variety of Course Formats

3:15 – How To Get Your First Clients

4:00 Adjourn


This course isn’t for everyone. You’re going to have to bring a certain level of confidence, curiosity, inquisitiveness and readiness to begin training your clients online. If you read email, use any form of social media, and have ever watched a YouTube video, you can do this.

Clients are demanding this.

You should be comfortable with either PC or Mac computers. If computers generally make you unsettled, and you often find yourself saying things like, “I don’t like using those things,” then you may find this course frustrating. If you are excited about the possibilities and opportunities that will come your way as a result of offering web-based instruction, even if you don’t consider yourself a techie, you’ll be able to use the highly-organized and easy-to-implement information, knowledge and tools you’ll acquire at this workshop, and you may never look back at the “old-fashioned” (traditional) way of doing things.

It may seem a little counter-intuitive to hold a live workshop on how to use your computer, but it’s not! It’s a fun, engaging and game-changing day spent laying the foundation for your first steps into the world of online training with paying clients. It will all be presented by experienced instructors who frequently use these methods and tools with paying clients.

Your Instructors

Joe Comeau

Joe Comeau, M.S., CCC-SLP, ILP Training Director, Owner and Founder of Capital Speech Consultants (

Joe’s first client in the virtual world was a florist in Ontario, Canada. He has bootstrapped his own business, which he formed in 2006, by combining his clinical expertise with his other keen and passionate interests: Consulting, Internet Marketing, Web Design and Adult Education. He’s been the workshop leader at ILP’s certification workshops since 2008.


 Lori EdwardsLori Edwards, M.S., CCC-SLP, co-creator of and co-designer of the PESL Online Practice Lab, Owner and Lead Instructor at

Lori began using web-based teaching methods to deliver PESL training out of necessity. Excited by the potential to work with interesting and motivating clients after completing her PESL certification in 2005, Lori soon discovered that the only way to connect with these clients would be to make her services available via the Web since she lives in a beautiful, but quite rural, area of Arizona. She has worked with clients from many different countries around the world, including Korea, Slovakia, Russia, India, China, Pakistan, France, Nigeria, Germany, Poland, Canada and Australia. She is an integral part of the team that created and developed The Compton P-ESL Online Assessment and Online Practice Lab.

Continuing Education

The Institute of Language & Phonology – Training Division is approved by the Continuing Education Board of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association to provide continuing education activities in speech-language pathology and audiology. See course information for number of ASHA CEUs, instructional level and content area. ASHA CE Provider approval does not imply endorsement of course content, specific products or clinical procedures.

ASHA Continuing Education Provider logo

 This course is offered for 0.6 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level, Professional Area)



  • Full Payment/Standard Registration: $280
  • AccentLink Pro Members: $240
  • Group Discount, Student Discount, Free Refresher options not offered for this event.

Registration for this and all other scheduled ILP training events can be found on our workshops page. Dates will only appear for confirmed workshops.

Additional Info

Q: I have already attended a two-day PESL Certification Workshop. Does that entitle me to attend this workshop for free?

A: No. This is a new offering from ILP and all ASHA-certified attendees will be eligible for the CEU award associated with this course. Although the concepts and techniques addressed at the traditional (two-day) certification workshop will be familiar to you, you’ll explore web-based service delivery options in much greater depth and detail than you did at the traditional workshop.

Q: Is there a student discount for this workshop?

A: No.

Q: I have completed the PESL Certification course through ILP Academy. Can I attend this workshop for free?

A: No, but you can register at a discounted rate. This workshop was created in response to the demand for a live, in-person workshop that teaches the web-based approach in a step-by-step manner and incorporates all of the relevant applications, techniques and procedures for those who are new to but curious about web-based instruction. It is appropriate for anyone who has earned PESL certification at a 2-day Certification Workshop, or online in the ILP Academy course. It is also appropriate for first-timers.

Q: I have not completed any of the web-based courses in ILP Academy. Is the content of this workshop included in the Academy?

A: Not exactly. The PESL Certification course in ILP Academy, as well as the two-day Certification workshop, include elements and details relevant to web-based service delivery. This workshop, however, will include step-by-step, live demonstrations of every aspect of web-based instruction, ideally leaving no stone unturned and no questions unanswered, and giving you the experience of seeing first hand how experienced instructors use the web-based approach. You’ll likely see and learn time-saving, streamlining tricks and techniques not covered in any of our other courses. We want you to leave this workshop fully ready, prepared and eager to start working with your paying clients online.

Q: I am not an ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist. Can I attend?

A: Yes. As with all of ILP’s workshops and training events, you’ll be expected to have a basic level of familiarity with the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), and preferably three years of relevant experience in linguistics, English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching, or a related field.

Q: Should I bring my laptop or tablet?

A: Yes! We will have Wi-Fi access for all in attendance. Internet connections in public places and meeting rooms can sometimes be unpredictable and a bit spotty, but ideally you’ll be trying the presented techniques and tools on your own computer throughout the day. The web-based PESL tools are currently  a bit too demanding for small tablets and iPads, but you should definitely bring your Windows or Mac laptop/notebook.

Q: Do I become a Certified PESL Instructor by completing this course?

A: Yes.

Q: Why not offer this training online? 

A: We do, but this workshop presents everything in-person, with plenty of time for your specific questions or concerns. The basics of web-based delivery are woven into portions of the original PESL Certification Course, but this workshop is much, much more in-depth and hands-on. The PESL Certification Course in the ILP Academy covers the basics of web-based instruction using the PESL Online Assessment and Online Practice Lab. You can complete the entire PESL course in self-paced modules. Additional courses in the Academy, which all members have access to, including Marketing Essentials and Advanced Delivery Techniques (currently in development) address the major components of web-based delivery. If you’re eager, however, to learn web-based training options in a face-to-face setting, all in one day, with the energy and synergy of a live event, this workshop will be perfect for you. Your workshop leaders will give you step-by-step instructions and trouble-shooting tips when needed. We’ll be there with you as you try the techniques and procedures on your own equipment, if you bring it. (A laptop and headset-microphone are recommended.)

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