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Recently/Frequently Asked Questions

If one person wants to know, there are likely many others who’d like to know…

Q: Is AccentLink or AccentLink Pro required to access the online screening, testing and teaching tools?

A: No. Anyone can sign up for AccentLink to receive email updates about PESL certification and training. Certified Instructors can join AccentLink Pro (annual fee required) to get access to downloads like customizable forms, the Certified Instructor badge, Training Proposal templates, invitations to member-only Q&A sessions, and other benefits.

Q: Through some fortunate connection, I might have an opportunity to do a presentation for an international corporation’s regional branch concerning the PESL Method. They call this presentation “knowledge sharing” so not necessarily marketing in the traditional sense. I’ll remember to credit all the skills and methods to Compton accordingly, but what other suggestions/important things could I share in that aspect?

A: My presentation would begin with a relevant story about how important clear communication is. Find out what specific problems are being caused by misunderstood speech among the audience members. Make the presentation related to their real-world concerns and responsibilities. Then move into the solution – the systematic approach that begins with analyzing and individuals speech, revealing the patterns that are a product of the speakers first language, and also include that to some degree these patterns are somewhat predictable and determined by the first language of the speaker. A detailed analysis allows you, the instructor and expert, to design a customized plan of improvement that builds new speaking habits, awareness, and control levels that can only be achieved with practice, but can be achieved by anyone. Practicing over a 12-week time frame (90 days/3 months) generally results in 50-60-70% improved accuracy of American English pronunciation. That’s 50-70% fewer communication breakdowns and problems, and many speakers anecdotally experience an increase of over 70% when they are determined and committed.

Elaborate on each of these points and you should have some very valuable knowledge to share. Just remember to make it specific to their needs or concerns.

Q: I’m a certified instructor. I was sent the link for the free screening but it is defaulting to my personal email. How do I change it to my business email?

A: You can update your free screening link by filling out the form at the Online Assessment website ( on our website:

Free Screening Link

After you receive the new link make sure you TEST it and see if the emails end up in the right place.