This is the complete course in PESL methodology and procedures.

The Compton PESL program is a research-based method of teaching non-native and regional American English speakers how to produce the pronunciation and intonation patterns of American English as it is spoken by most English speakers in the United States. It is a highly-structured approach and prepares instructors to offer instructional programs which enable clients to achieve personal and professional goals.

This certification course will provide you with a thorough training in the design and application of a systematic approach to clearer, more accurate pronunciation of American English. At the completion of this training activity, you will be able to design a customized PESL course for any individual who speaks American English that is significantly influenced by the phonological and supra-segmental patterns of another language, or by the patterns and influences of a regional North American dialect. You will also be able to conduct training sessions for individuals or small groups, analyze and interpret pronunciation patterns, provide measurable rates of change and improvement, and create or expand a business offering by marketing your training services. Students of this course will be introduced to traditional face-to-face training methods as well as internet-based options for assessment, service delivery, and progress tracking.

Module 1 Concepts and Preparation
Unit 1 PESL 1.1 The Role of the PESL Instructor  
Unit 2 PESL 1.2 The 8 Rules of the PESL System  
Unit 3 PESL 1.3 Two Approaches: Traditional and Web-Based  
Module 2 Assessment Procedures
Unit 1 PESL 2.1: Introduction to Module 2  
Unit 2 PESL 2.2: The Assessment Interview  
Unit 3 PESL 2.3: Transcribing With the IPA  
Unit 4 PESL 2.4: Transcription Practice  
Unit 5 PESL 2.5: Digital Recording Options  
Unit 6 PESL 2.6: Web-based Transcription Tools  
Unit 7 PESL 2.7: Analyzing the Transcription  
Unit 8 PESL 2.8: Pattern Analysis  
Unit 9 PESL 2.9: Phoneme Target Selection  
Unit 10 PESL 2.10: Small Group Preparation - The Class Summary Report (Group Prep Step 1)  
Unit 11 PESL 2.11: Small Group Preparation - The Sounds-in-Common Report (Group Prep Step 2)  
Unit 12 PESL 2.12: Small Group Preparation - The Master Plan (Group Prep Step 3)  
Unit 13 PESL 2.13: Preparing For Session 1  
Module 3 Instructional Methods and Training
Unit 1 PESL 3.1: Conducting Your First Session  
Unit 2 PESL 3.2: Orientation - Session 1, Part 1  
Unit 3 PESL 3.3: Phoneme Target #1 - Session 1, Part 2  
Unit 4 PESL 3.4: Client Practice (Session 1, Part 3)  
Unit 5 PESL 3.5: Review  
Unit 6 PESL 3.6: The 13-Week Agenda  
Unit 7 PESL 3.7: The Complete Word Production Strategy (Client Session 4)  
Unit 8 PESL 3.8: The Voice Projection Strategy - Client Session 6  
Unit 9 PESL 3.9: Client Session 7 - Check-in and Review  
Unit 10 PESL 3.10: Accuracy in Reading  
Unit 11 PESL 3.11: Common Sentences & Phrases  
Unit 12 PESL 3.12: Short Topics and Role Play Discussions  
Unit 13 PESL 3.13: Final Consonant Clusters  
Unit 14 PESL 3.14: The Three-Minute Presentation  
Unit 15 PESL 3.15: The Follow-Up Assessment  
Unit 16 PESL 3.16: The Certification Exam  
Unit 17 PESL 3.17: Continuing Education Activity Reporting & Certificate Generation