In 1997, Dr. Compton arranged to have a group of trainees recorded on video for the purpose of demonstrating the instructional PESL techniques to instructors who were learning the program.

The recording was captured by videographers using multiple cameras and professional lighting. The footage was used to assemble a product containing over two hours of video showing various instructors, including Dr. Compton, working with a group of 5 clients.

The individuals comprising the client group represent:

  • Hamburg, West Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Beijing, China
  • Japan, and
  • Lebanon.

Although the footage now has a low-resolution appearance, it contains valuable insights and perspectives along with the unique opportunity to watch another instructor deliver instructional services.


video segment 1 - ILP accent reduction course PESL Instruction Demonstration Segment 1:

Introductions, Rules; accented American English speakers from West Germany, Switzerland, China, Japan and Lebanon




thumbnail_segment2_ILP_accent_reduction_pronunciation_course PESL Instruction Demonstration Segment 2:

A brief history of how the Institute of Language & Phonology was formed.