Krishna Mukherji
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C 604 STERLING TERRACES APT 100 Feet Ring Road. BSK 3rd Stage
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I am a Management Graduate specializing in HR with over 20 years of professional experience in teaching, banking, financial counseling and training across India and the United States of America. I earned my Soft Skills Coaching certificate from the Image Consulting Business Institute in Bangalore, and is now an Adjunct Faculty Trainer at the same institute. I am NABET-certified (TTT), and is currently the only certified Compton P-ESL Accent Modification Instructor (from Institute of Language and Phonology, USA) in India.

I specialize in accent neutralization and help individuals to reduce mother-tongue influence on their English diction, using a very unique, scientific and result oriented method called Compton P-ESL method. I train professionals and students in the art of communication and soft skills, with special emphasis on global accent neutral vocalization.

I am an Indian American, now splitting my time between Bangalore, Boston and Chicago. An ex-Reserve Bank of India employee, I moved to New York in 1988 to work at a prestigious university. I have been an active member in all the communities that I have been a part of and have held several responsible elected positions. In New York, I anchored many cultural shows and was an active volunteer for the American Heart Association. I work with many philanthropic causes, both in India and in the USA. I strive to use my life experience and knowledge gained through global exposure and extensive travels in the US, Europe and Asia to help professionals and students integrate into the global community

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