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26 Replies to “Support”

  1. Name: Mary Zurn
    I need to cancel my Accent Link Pro payment that I made today via Pay Pal. I did not realize at the time of purchase that the Accent Link Pro services would be included as part of my Academy Membership (which I also purchased today).

  2. Name: Tanya Paleski
    Having a issue accessing the audio files with the Phonetic Transcription Exercise (MP4, FLV, WMV formats) Using PC with Microsoft 7 – do you have a format that works with Microsoft player?

  3. Hi Joe,

    A couple questions. I am wondering if there is a way to see comments without clicking through each content area or at least a way to know if there are new comments to look at. Also wondering if you did post a chart of the IPA used by the course.

    1. Hi, Holly.
      For now, the Comment feature is designed to keep the comments focused on the specific page of each course. EVERY comment posted results in a notification to me to help me provide feedback to your specific concerns. Also, you’ll receive an email notification when a response to your comment is posted.

  4. I am trying to sign up for the Compton P-ESl on line course but I can’t seem to find the link so that I can register. Please Help.

  5. Hi Joe,

    I signed up for the month to month, completed PESL online and took the exam. I have two questions: Will I receive training materials in the mail? Should I purchase accent pro or upgrade to the lifetime membership? Suggestions?

    1. Instructor materials will be delivered to you via mail after you complete the exam at the end of the course with a passing score. AccentLink Pro is included with your membership. Monthly Access members can use ALPro benefits for one year. Lifetime members have ALPro benefits indefinitely.

  6. I am working my way through The PESL Accent Modification Method Certification Course (about half way through). When I click on the different course sections they are blank and I receive a message saying that I do not have access to it. My monthly subscription runs out tomorrow but I believe the payment through pay pal just goes through automatically. Is this correct? Could there be some other reason that I am not able to access the course content?



  7. Hi, Sarah. I believe the trouble you were experiencing was due to technical upgrades that were being performed last week. Please let me know if the problem persists.

  8. Hi Joe. How do I open these. Had to watch phonetic transcription practice on Youtube. Cant see to open these. THanks.

    Click to watch the Video Introduction to Comtpon PESL Online [mp4 format]

    Click to watch the Video Introduction to Comtpon PESL Online [flv format]

  9. The YouTube videos are posted for those of you who cannot play the videos in the formats provided. They are the same video clips, and this options seems to work easily for nearly everyone. We’re still working on improving the video playback feature so it works smoothly for everyone.

  10. Hi Joe,
    I’m wondering when the Chicago CEU’s will be posted? Trying to get everything in order for the end of the year!

  11. I’m trying to change my password so that I can then add my credential listing to the site. Where is the change your pass word selection? I’m using a Mac. Does that make a difference in the protocol? Change password isn’t showing up anyway so that I can click on it to access it.

  12. Hi Joe,
    I’m trying to sign up for accent pro but I can’t seem to get the site to accept my picture or information. When I had entered it all, I did a search for myself and I wasn’t there! I also am trying to figure out what is the $50.00 for. Is that Accent Link by itself? Is that per year or month. If I receive clients and I want to have the online program available for them is it $67.00 per month. Help!~I have completed the training and do have the certification and materials and now have a website and business to advertise through but can’t get things going!

  13. Missy – I think I can answer your questions better via email. Your email address doesn’t appear here (it’s not supposed to), so please send me an email and I’ll clarify everything.

  14. Hi Joe,

    I could not find a link to order client materials. Please advise. Thanks.

    Wendy Wiberg

    1. Hi, David. AccentLink Pro members have access to the Forms, Reports and Worksheets in the AccentLink menu, and they will also have their directory listings approved if they submit a listing. There isn’t a separate site for AccentLink Pro.

  15. Hi Joe. I passed my course exam last night, and I was wondering if I would have a certificate of completion or a number assigned to me so I can access the digital assessment and course materials. I will be beginning with my first client very soon and want a chance to be familiar with the materials before we begin. Thanks in advance.

  16. Hi Joe,
    I am desperately trying to complete my PESL program and have paide monthly fees for the last 9 months. That being said, I am unable to access Modules 3, 4, etc – they just keep defaulting to your “info about your live workshops” event newsfeed? Please help, Kara Broks

  17. KaraBroks,
    Thank you for alerting me about the problem you had accessing part of the PESL course. It was the result of some updating that was done over the past few days that caused some of the links not to work properly. The problem has been fixed and you should now be able to work through the course and access all areas.

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