The Compton PESL program is a research-based method of teaching non-native and regional American English speakers how to produce the pronunciation and intonation patterns of American English as it is spoken by most English speakers in the United States. It is a highly-structured approach and prepares instructors to offer instructional programs which enable clients to achieve personal and professional goals.

Instructor: Joe Comeau, M.S., Ed., CCC-SLP

Support Contact: | 800-526-4824

Materials: The course content consists of text, audio and video segments that can be reviewed at your own pace. There are exercises that require the printing of a worksheet document, but the exercises can be completed on your own blank paper if a printer is not available; the worksheets can be viewed on your screen. There is no immediate time limit for completing the course with the exception of your 1-year ILP Academy membership terms; when your ILPA membership expires you will no longer have access to the course content.

Your status as a PESL Certified Instructor, however, never expires. No additional membership or renewal fee is required to maintain your status as a Certified PESL instructor. Your clients will be expected to pay you for their digital or printed learning materials, and you (the certified instructor) may purchase client materials by calling the ILP Research Division (415-933-6192) or ordering at their web site (

This certification course will provide you with a thorough training in the design and application of a systematic approach to clearer, more accurate pronunciation of American English. At the completion of this training activity, you will be able to design a customized PESL course for any individual who speaks American English that is significantly influenced by the phonological and supra-segmental patterns of another language, or by the patterns and influences of a regional North American dialect. You will also be able to conduct training sessions for individuals or small groups, analyze and interpret pronunciation patterns, provide measurable rates of change and improvement, and create or expand a business offering by marketing your training services. Students of this course will be introduced to traditional face-to-face training methods as well as internet-based options for assessment, service delivery, and progress tracking.

Key components include the analysis of pronunciation patterns, the designing of evidence-based individualized training programs, highly structured speech production exercises, details on the modeling process, and using post training analysis to establish before and after accuracy measurements. You will become a Certified PESL Instructor upon completion, a credential that is required to purchase client training materials from the Institute of Language & Phonology.

ASHA Subject Code: 7030 – Cultural/Linguistic Diversity in Education, Training, Service Delivery, and Public Policy

ASHA Content Code and Instructional Level: Professional; Intermediate

ILP recommends each student have the equivalent of at least 3 years of full-time academic or professional experience in one of these fields: communication disorders, linguistics, teaching English as a second or acquired language, vocal performance and drama studies.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of the program, attendees will confidently be able to:

  • systematically analyze the accented features of non-American English pronunciation patterns
  • interpret the results of a client’s speech analysis and develop personalized training programs based on analysis results
  • understand the difference between clinical and non-clinical factors affecting the intelligibility and  accuracy of accented pronunciation
  • create optimal teaching environments for individuals and small groups, even if participants are from different language backgrounds
  • organize and conduct structured and evidence-based training programs resulting in clearer, more accurate and easier-to-understand pronunciation of American English
  • access web-based assessment, training and marketing resources which are exclusive to the PESL method and certified PESL instructors
  • teach specific techniques for greater speech intelligibility in social, conversational and business settings 
  • market and promote consultative training services as being offered by a Certified PESL Instructor

Each workshop participant receives a complete assessment kit consisting of 

  • 1 Compton Phonological Assessment kit containing an instructional manual, stimulus word book, and 2 printed analysis protocols (response booklets)
  • The Compton PESL trainer’s manual – a complete copy of the client workbook that becomes an excellent teaching resource 
  • 1 Screening kit: laminated with instructions and words, 2 screening forms
  • access to one PESL Online Assessment kit (links and info provided via email) – all of the web-based assessment tools you’ll need to work with your first paying client

This PESL Certification Course is offered for 1.0 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate Level, Professional Area). ASHA CEUs for this course may only be awarded to an individual once per 365 days.

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