ILP Academy offers a free introductory course that provides a very thorough overview of how the ILP method works, how certified instructors interact with clients, and a history of The Institute of Language & Phonology.

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Topics in this course include:

  • The core components of the PESL method, including screenings, assessment interviews, and course design options
  • Determining Whether PESL Certification is a good next step for you
  • The most common real-world needs of real-world clients
  • The information-gathering process that can convert leads into clients
  • a detailed description of AccentLink Pro, our inner-circle of certified instructors
  • a very honest debriefing on what to expect regarding income and regarding client improvement levels

The course is based on an e-book released in 2009 titled Becoming an Accent Modification Instructor – The ILP Approach, and has been updated to include perspectives on online learning and web-based resources that were not available at that time.

This free course will introduce you to specific techniques used by certified PESL instructors, as well as some basic strategies for finding clients who are willing to pay for your skill and services.

Although this course is packed with tremendous value, this course is not offered for CEUs.

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