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ILP 201: Marketing Essentials for Certified PESL Instructors

By completing a series of detailed exercises in a specific order, you'll arrive at the creation of your customized Marketing Action Plan, containing exactly the right words, steps and strategies to create a marketing message that resonates strongly with the right audience. Pre-requisite: ILP 101 (PESL Certification)

ILP 101: The PESL Certification Course

This is the complete course in PESL methodology and procedures.

The Compton PESL program is a research-based method of teaching non-native and regional American English speakers how to produce the pronunciation and intonation patterns of American English as it is spoken by most English speakers in the United States. It is a highly-structured approach and prepares instructors to offer instructional programs which enable clients to achieve personal and professional goals.

This certification course will provide you with a thorough training in the design and application of a systematic approach to clearer, more accurate pronunciation of American English. At the completion of this training activity, you will be able to design a customized PESL course for any individual who speaks American English that is significantly influenced by the phonological and supra-segmental patterns of another language, or by the patterns and influences of a regional North American dialect. You will also be able to conduct training sessions for individuals or small groups, analyze and interpret pronunciation patterns, provide measurable rates of change and improvement, and create or expand a business offering by marketing your training services. Students of this course will be introduced to traditional face-to-face training methods as well as internet-based options for assessment, service delivery, and progress tracking.

ILP 001: Becoming an Accent and Pronunciation Instructor - The ILP Approach

A free introductory course based on an e-book originally released in 2009 titled Beomcing an Accent Modification Instructor - The ILP Approach.  You'll be introduced to some of the techniques used by certified PESL instructors, as well as  the approaches and strategies that lead to paying clients. You'll get insights that may help you make decisions about creating a small business or just an extra source of income. This course is not offered for CEUs.

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