I kept hearing the Frank Sinatra lyric in my head, from the song, “That’s Life” …. “Riding high in April…. shot down in May,” these past few weeks.

800-language.com has been online with information, resources, and opportunities in our area of specialty and expertise for over 20 years, but near the end of April 2018, the technology that keeps track of our membership programs (AccentLink Pro and ILP Academy) crashed horribly and caused some serious disruption to users who pay to use this site. That’s unacceptable, and the dedicated people who keep ILP running got to work, revised their schedules, cancelled all their calls and meetings, and put every ounce of their skill and talent to work getting the site functional again.

And it worked…. for about two weeks.

Just recently, in mid-May, we experienced more surprise challenges that affected the way the website works for members. We rolled up our sleeves again, made some more coffee, and once again did everything it took to minimize the disruption while learning and adapting new technology.

I’m really looking forward to using the ILP blog to share information that’s more useful and relevant to pronunciation instruction, but I’m pleased to also be able to use it as a way of keeping our fans, our tribe, and just about anyone who’s interested, up-to-date and informed. We got this. The site wasn’t functioning the way it should for about 48 hours, but we’ve got things humming harmoniously again.

Here’s to being back on top in June… and beyond.

ILP Training Director
Joe Comeau