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Is PESL Certification a good next move for me?
Question #1: I frequently find myself objectively noticing subtle differences in the speech patterns of different speakers, both foreign-born and from different regions of the United States.
Question #2: I enjoy working with motivated individuals who have their own predetermined goals, agendas and responsibilities that are linked to strong
communication skills.
Question #3: I feel confident about being a model and teaching speech accuracy with a non-disordered adult clientele.
Question #4: I am familiar with the basic set of International Phonetic Alphabet symbols used to transcribe the sounds of American English.
Question #5: I am willing and expecting to be paid for the services I provide.
Question #6: I enjoy working with people from diverse professional backgrounds.
Question #7: I am willing to be honest with people, even if it’s awkward for me or for them.
Question #8: I deeply respect the way others think, live and see the world and can engage in objective yet substantial conversation with nearly anyone.
Question #9: I know that I have a unique skill set and knowledge for which people are willing to pay.
Question #10: I am willing to learn about different marketing strategies to make others aware of my services, either through an agreement with my current employer or on my own through traditional and entrepreneurial marketing channels.
Question #11: I am willing to learn about new technology as it is applied to the business of accent modification instruction and accepting payments.
Question #12: I can inspire confidence in others and be a source of encouragement.
Question #13: I am aware of some or most of the regional identifiers or traits of my own speech production patterns.
Question #14: I am willing to adjust my current schedule to create time to see new clients.
Question #15: I understand that accents are a part of every individual's speech patterns.
Question #16: True or false: accents are always a barrier to communication.