Last week we did some pretty major updates and upgrades to the technology behind the site. Web browsers sometimes save old versions of web pages to load them faster the next time you visit them, and some visitors are still seeing the old version of the site (and getting error messages). There’s no way anyone who’s still experiencing that issue on this site can read this blog page yet, but I’ve been doing my best to spread the news and instructions on wiping your browser history to eliminate this problem: Try clearing your browser history in the browser you prefer to use. Clear if for the past week or two. This should wipe clean the “old” version of the page it is trying to load at and allow you to see the new version.

I’m certain that the new site layout and features will please nearly all of our users. Getting everything to work properly took two 16-hour days and an incredible amount of assistance from ILP Tech Division programmer Mark Edwards. I’m proud of the results, and hope the site serves you well. No – I know it will.  🙂