The login/logout process has been creating a frustrating environment for some users of this site. Users were not seeing a clear pathway to the courses they paid for after logging in. In some instances, they weren’t seeing anything useful at all. This has been fixed!

These issues have been addressed in recent maintenance, updates, and improvements performed on the site. Upon logging in with your email address and password, each user who has paid for ILP Academy access should be brought directly to the Account page, which displays a list of accessible courses, a progress bar for each course, and a link to the certificate of completion if it has been earned.

The link button to your certificate appears only once you have reached the end of a course, completed every unit, and submitted a passing exam if the course has one. The button appears to the right of the course progress bar on the Account page. If you’ve completed the certification course or the Marketing Essentials course, give it a try now.