Just a quick technical note here to reassure you about your safety and security using this site…

SSL Certificates are small data files that activate the little padlock icon up near the web address in your browser. That padlock tells you your browser (Chrome, for example) is securely connected to the servers we use to host and store our website data. Personal data stored on the server for this site is extremely limited – your payment information is handled by Paypal or WePay servers, not ours.

I bring this up because the SSL certificate for this site recently expired (January 22, 2020), and a few users tried to access the site between January 22nd and January 25th and saw big, scary security warnings suggesting that their activity and data was at risk. Of course I got word of this on a Friday afternoon, but by Saturday evening everything was as it should be; our SSL certificate was updated, renewed, and re-applied. Padlock firmly in place.

All the best,